Burma Appeal

Burma crisis background

For Muslims in Burma, recent decades have been very difficult. Residing under oppressive rule many have to endure a life of misery and abject poverty.¬†Predominantly from the ‘Rohingya’ ethnic group, they are denied freedom of movement, education, health treatment and even the opportunity of marriage.

Recent years have seen an increase in forced labour, land seizures, arbitrary arrests, rape and torture.

The result: one and a half million Muslims have fled to neighbouring regions where their lives however have still not improved. Seen as an unnecessary burden, countless Muslims are refugees in neighbouring Thailand, Bangladesh, and Indonesia.

iCharity so far…

iCharity has been operating inside Burma for the last 3 years and distributed aid in various forms. Operations for aiding our Muslim brothers and sisters are very difficult due to the government restrictions in place.

Our emergency relief also extended to neighbouring countries where the refugees were recipients of healthcare, food, clean water, sanitary and security provisions.

We need your help

Everyday the conditions get worst for the most persecuted people in the world as described by the UN. Local communities are in dire need of food, shelter, healthcare and safe drinking water. Donate today and help the poor and needy.