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About us

iCharity is a not-for-profit, charitable organisation providing assistance to the poor and needy people in Fiji, Burma, Syria, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Palestine, Egypt, Lebanon, Vanuatu, India, South Africa, Libya, Pakistan, Somalia, Kosovo etc.

Usual activities of iCharity are to distribute food, dig wells or bore holes for water, monetary assistance in medical cases, scholarships for students of knowledge and build homes for the poor and needy. We raise our funds from iCharity members and also collect at various local centres. iCharity also uses the funds raised to help poor communities to start small businesses and gain the skills needed to empower themselves and come out of poverty.

Over a 3 million dollars worth of help has been given since its inception to some of the most needy people around the world.

Contact information

iCharity Incorporated

+61 411 165 865

Mohammed Mukim Khan
+61 411 165 865

Mohammed Samid Khan
+61 405 369 769

Mohammed Sorab Khan
+61 409 442 410

Mohammed Rustam Khan
+61 425 217 444